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Our group studies the role of the cell microenvironment in development of healthy and diseased tissues for applications in regenerative medicine and cancer therapeutics. In particular, we focus on cell-cell interactions, soluble signaling and development of biomaterials to control cell behavior.

Recent News

November 2018: Congratulations to Abby Silbaugh for receiving an Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program award!

September 2018: Congratulations to Tiffany, Jen, and Jenny for receiving poster awards at the Institute for Engineering in Medicine Annual Conference!

August 2018: Frankie successfully defended his doctoral thesis. Congratulations, Dr. Pelaez!

August 2018: Congratulations to Ray for his paper in Journal of Biological Engineering!

July 2018: Our collaborative work with Prof. Casim Sarkar on oral delivery of protein therapeutics was awarded a new R01 grant from the NIH  National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases.