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Azarin Research Group

Our group studies the role of the cell microenvironment in development of healthy and diseased tissues for applications in regenerative medicine and cancer therapeutics. In particular, we focus on cell-cell interactions, soluble signaling and development of biomaterials to control cell behavior.

Recent News

November 2016: Frankie presented his work at the AIChE Annual Meeting in San Francisco, CA.

November 2016: Welcome to new group members Tiffany Lam and Harish Venkatachalapathy!

October 2016: Heather presented her work at the BMES Annual Meeting in Minneapolis, MN.

July 2016: Jenny Caronia has been selected as a trainee in the Biotechnology Training Program. Congratulations, Jenny!

March 2016: Hannah Seo has been awarded a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship. Congratulations, Hannah!

December 2015: Welcome to new group members Jenny Caronia, Ray Lee, Meryl Lewis, Pedram Motallebnejad, and Hannah Seo!