Welcome to the Azarin Research Group Website!

Group Photo 2018

Our group studies the role of the cell microenvironment in development of healthy and diseased tissues for applications in regenerative medicine and cancer therapeutics. In particular, we focus on cell-cell interactions, soluble signaling and development of biomaterials to control cell behavior.

Recent News

March 2020: Ray successfully defended his doctoral thesis. Congratulations, Dr. Lee! 

January 2020: Congratulations to lab alum Frankie for his paper in Annals of Biomedical Engineering!

January 2020: Congratulations to Tiffany and Joe for being awarded a Junior Investigator Pilot Grant from the University of Minnesota Physical Sciences in Oncology Center!

November 2019: Congratulations to Pedram for his paper in Biomicrofluidics!

November 2019: Congratulations to Tiffany for receiving a Women in Chemical Engineering (WIC) Travel Award to present her work at the AIChE Annual Meeting in Orlando, FL!